Sunday, 17 January 2010

Back To The Rat Race…..

Those of you that have been reading for awhile will know that after being out of work for some time, I finally managed to land myself a really good job a few weeks ago.

Well, that job starts tomorrow, so I will probably not be around much this week (I always feel self conscious writing stuff like that, I know no one will really notice, but I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that I was being rude by not popping over and saying hello).

Once I am acclimatised to the idea of actually working again (Oh God, noooooooooooooo!) I will be back and filling you all in on how it’s all going, and also catching up with everyone else as well, as I know there will be a lot of writing to catch up on.

I would also like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to offer words of encouragement and wishes of good luck when I have written about the unemployment thing over the last few months, you may not think it, but it was really appreciated at this end, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart/bowel for that.

I’m pretty sure that once I know what my routine is going to be, I can balance work and writing, so at no point will any of you miss out on the inane drivel that passes for thoughts within my brain that gets zapped via laser beams into your computers.

In a way, I am very much like God, you may not see a lot of me, but I am always with you……..

Disclaimer- At no point am I referring myself as God. I am non religious. Actually it would probably be a good idea if I wasn’t God, for there would be a hell of a lot of smiting going on. There probably wouldn’t be that many people left. Just me and about 15,000 monkeys, which in its own way sounds like a little piece of heaven. I’d rename earth Monkey Land and become their ruler. They would carry me round on their little monkey shoulders and teach me monkey ways.

I have no idea where this is going either.

Anyway, back to reality. I hope your week is filled with everything that you desire, and may we all cross paths again soon (hopefully next weekend).

I’m literally high fiving everyone who is reading this.


Kim Ayres said...

This is the job directing Midget porn, right?

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Or will you be managing the jello-wrestling team of 20 something college hotties?

That would be sweet....for you of course.

hope said...

He'll be teaching reformed Till Monkeys what to do once they've been set free, into the wilds of the real world.

Although I'm actually off [work, don't even start] tomorrow, I wish you all the best.

And of course we'll check in. How do you think I even FACE going to work? Coming home to read words which make me laugh while I appreciate your sense of humor all the while.

There, that ought to hold you for the first week. ;)

Eva Gallant said...

Go rock that new job! Your till monkey days are behind you forever! good luck!

aladdinsane12 said...

congrats on the job! i have been job-hunting since september, so it's nice to hear that people CAN actually get jobs...good luck on your first day!

Midnitefyrfly said...

have a great week! whether it be midget porn, jello, wrestling, or ruling the monkey world, I am sure your skills are up par and if they aren't- well at least we all will have a good laugh over it :)

Nikonda said...

Good luck! I look forward to hearing how it's going (all that new blog material ...)

JenJen said...

You won't need luck to do a great job; any employer worth their salt should be jumping for joy to have you on staff.

Well done, and we won't leave you...

Ellie said...

You're becoming a zookeeper so you can hug that monkey, right? (not SPANK the monkey! Hug! HUG!)

Ellie said...

You're becoming a zookeeper so you can hug that monkey, right? (not SPANK the monkey! Hug! HUG!)

Ellie said...

You're becoming a zookeeper so you can hug that monkey, right? (not SPANK the monkey! Hug! HUG!)

Ellie said...

You're becoming a zookeeper so you can hug that monkey, right? (not SPANK the monkey! Hug! HUG!)

Kato said...

Good luck!!

Also, you are hilarious. Your disclaimer made me laugh out loud. That's right. It made me LOL.

Have fun at your first week, you will do great!

mapstew said...

Good luck young man!

(Did you get that message from Ellie?)


mo.stoneskin said...

*skips second paragraph*

Hope the new job pans out well!

Millions Of Atoms Man said...

Well let me tell you something, mister. You aren't high fiving me right now. You are high fouring me because I lost a finger in a tragic alligator accident. Way to be insensitive, ass.

Just kidding. High five received and appreciated. Good luck at your new job.

jules said...

Enjoy the new gig!

Tony Spunk said...

Good luck with the job, dude. Remember, don't stare at ladies' breasts unless they're definitely not looking and the supply closet is for supplies not illicit couplings. Good luck!

Susan O said...

Congrats on the job.

You make me giggle and smirk at the same time!

From across the ocean

Susan O

Kitty Moore said...

Good luck - hope your first week goes swimmingly!

Kitty x

f8hasit said...

Good luck on the first week of work! I hope that it's everything you'd hoped it would be.
And a water cooler more.

Anonymous said...

Twitter would appear to indicate that you survived your first day.

Well, that's my 'good luck on your first day' comment utterly redundant then.

Good luck for tomorrow, Dan.

JennyMac said...

You will be Employee of the Month quite soon! Bye bye till monkey. :)

Congrats again Dan and good luck on the new gig.

Morwenna said...

Good luck with the new job! Yes, I followed you here after the fantastic porn article at theblogpaper. I look forward to reading more!

Dan said...

Kim- The lifelong dream......

Mad Lady- I'm so in the wrong profession!

Hope- Ahh, thanks Hope. That’s a really lovely thing to say. And I'm glad someone is looking after those till monkeys, god bless them.

Eva- Thanks Eva. Heres hoping matey!

Aladdinsane- Thanks dude. And keep trying, something will come up for you, I'm sure.

MF- Actually all three of those things sound like my ideal job. I should have had you as a career advisor!

Nikonda- As long as none of it is me making an idiot of myself......

JenJen- You better bloody not!.......

Ellie- I never need an excuse to spank the monkey, but hugging, well, you need to keep those dreams alive....

Kato- And you are too kind to say so. I'm glad you’re here to say such nice things. And the first week was great!

Mapstew- Cheers buddy! And I did.

Mo- Me too. Not going to bad so far mate.

MOAM- Teach you to stick your fingers in the bits of alligators they don’t like. Cheers dude.

Jules- Gig is being enjoyed. Hope you are well Jules.

Tony Spunk- *Makes note* Right, got it. Thank god your here!

Susan O- Thank you for the kind comment. Its lovely to have you here Susan.

Kitty- And it most certainly did. Thanks for the good luck wishes matey.

f8hasit- It was that and everything more. Thanks Nancy.

Matt- I was wondering where you had got too. You never write, you never call. WHAT AM I TO YOU ANYMORE MATTHEW! Thanks bud.

JM- Thanks matey. Really nice of you to say so. Give it a few more months and maybe?

Morwenna- And it’s lovely to have you here. I wondered if that would bring any new readers over. Glad you like it mate.