Sunday, 13 September 2009

Pass It On………

I seem to be getting a good few more visitors to this little site of mine (and a few good more followers as well. So thank you to anyone who has decided to put their name down and join in the fun. Really means a lot)

One of the first to join in and actively get involved was a rather nice chap called Matthew. He often pops in, has a look around, leaves nice comments, and then leaves quietly again. Very ninja.

It was whilst reading his latest post on his now defunct older blog that I though I would steal a rather good idea from him. He kindly gave links to other blogs on his own site for people that have contributed to his own, or has just taken his fancy through being sheer bloody brilliant (it was all explained much more clearly by him than I ever could)

I always get a small tingle of excitement when someone is kind enough to comment, and I almost explode with joy when someone is kind enough to follow. But it is also great to find out when you go onto their sites and find another great blog hiding behind the name.

So here is a little linky to Matthews new blog and I urge anyone who is interested in a well written, yet always interesting, collection of musings to have a wander by. You wont be disappointed. And thanks to his site, I now have another collection of excellent blogs to read.

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