Tuesday, 8 December 2009

We’ll Meet Again…….

Hello everyone!

I am currently in the middle of that temping job at the moment, which means that I am not getting home till late, which has the knock on effect of me not getting on here and also getting out visiting you all as well.

Not that you have probably noticed my absence, or really care even, but this is mainly my ego writing this in the vain hope that somebody out there does...........anybody...........hello?..........

But I will be back here on the weekend to catch up with folk, and also tell anybody who is interested about the fun I am having in this new job (plus all the famous celebrities I have served, and one that I have really annoyed). Plus I know I have a load of backlogged blogs to read through (Which I will).

I know this sounds like I believe that I have a load of people hanging on my every word (I don’t, honestly!), but I didn’t want anybody thinking that I was being rude by not stopping by to visit (I’m looking right at you JenJen).

Hope this little message finds you well if your eyes are on it right now. If they are not on it, then how the hell are you reading this???

Warm and tired hugs.

And my feet hurt. Like, really hurt, man.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading it through telepathy. Talking of...you should be ashamed of that thing about the monkey and the Vaseline! :)

Eva Gallant said...

I'm here and missing your posts! Glad you are enjoying the job!

hope said...

I did notice...and feared you hated all of our name change suggestions, thus were shunning us collectively.

Thank heaven you're still with us, Snookums. ;) No go sit down and give those feet a rest.

mo.stoneskin said...

The word on the street is that your words are worth hanging on to.

UberGrumpy said...

Cool! Enjoy the job.

Meanwhile, you might consider losing the music; your site nearly gives me a heart attack every time I visit. Either that, or stick in some Muse and do the job properly

Miss OverThinker said...

Can't wait for your weekend post - it better be good.

Lorenza said...

Well Dan, I am trapped in my beautiful Tuscany, no internet connection possible unless I go to my sister's house and knock out my niece who is glued to the computer! So I understand your feelings...I promise you, I am not going to be cross with you...


JenJen said...



Kate said...

Oh - glad the job is ok. I enjoy your posts even if they're sporadic at the moment.

Dan said...

The Veggie Assassin- Man gets lonely at night. You understand, right?

Eva- Bet you didn't know what the next post was going to be about? Nice to know I was missed Eva. Thank you!

Hope- Feet are duly rested. All prepared for another week.

Mo- Thank you Huggy Bear.

UG- I have taken your advice and removed it. You were right; it was unfair of me to force my music on people. I am ashamed.

Miss OT- Hope it was?

Lorenza- Good to see you back here matey. I am hoping Tuscany is as beautiful as you say it is.