Friday, 22 April 2011


Hi. How are you?

Shhhhhhhhh, don’t spoil this. Its been too long. Let me just look at you, just to see if you’re how I remember. Yes, its exactly how I remember you. The dreamy eyes, the hair, the fire behind your expression, the sloping forehead. I’ve missed you. Its good to be back. Just hold me.

Look, I have a valid excuse for being away for so long.

Now when I say that this excuse is valid, I am being genuinely honest with you. But I’m also being honest when I say my reason can also be considered a bit retarded as well. If you want me to be more precise, I’d say its around 25% valid, 75% retarded.  But lets not quibble over facts. I’m back. Deal with it, yeah?

So, why have a been away? Well, numbnuts here forgot his password to log on to Blogger.

Yeah, lame or what, huh? But I swear its true. About a month ago I had a blog post to write that was so amazing it would have made your underpants explode. I went to log on with literally shaking hands due to the excitement of birthing this literary concoction of awesomeness out into the world, but yet when it came to entering in my password, my mind went blank and I ended up staring at the screen like a geriatric looking at the microwave and wondering why the news hadn’t come on yet.

I flicked through my minds database, past all the useless information that I have stored in there, searching desperately for the correct combination of words and numbers that would enable me to write, but all I kept coming up with was the year that Jaws 2 was directed in and the memory of my sixth birthday party when my parents hired an entertainer for me whose breath smelt like whiskey and who has now consequently made me have a phobia of balloon animals. But no  password.

I honestly think that the last few weeks I have tried every known configuration of words and numbers known to man. I have probably inadvertently stumbled onto the mystery behind quantum physics with some of the equations that I came up with, but none of them actually allowed me to access my emails or Blogger, and since my amazing brain thought it would be a fantastic idea to set up my password reminder email under a default account, I was really up shit creek on a canoe made of shit which was passing under a bridge where even more people were shitting over the sides on me.

So I gave it one last try a few nights ago. I sat at my computer and emptied my mind. This took quite some time as I couldn’t shake off the thought of: Do ants feel happiness? which troubled me for at least 20 minutes until I decided that they probably could, and then I finally reached an almost Zen like state where I was nothing and nothing was me, and I just typed a password in on my computer without even thinking what it was.

I was in!

The first thing that I could see was that I have now hit 160 followers. Party time. Welcome to anyone new by the way. Its very nice to have you here. You look very nice by the way. Respectable. My kind of people. The kind of people who I would like to sit down and have a nice meal with. Can I come round for dinner? Whens good for you? I can’t do Tuesday as I have my salsa classes. Wednesdays good. I’ll bring a bottle.

So, you may not care, but I will give you some updates anyway.

Few things happening in my personal life, which obviously I am not going to talk about on here. But there is also the strong chance that I may be made redundant from my job, which is something that I found out about last Monday. This is happened to me so many times now that I’m starting to take it personally. I’m really pissed off to be honest, but there is not much I can do about it. Although its not a guarantee, I have more chance of keeping my job if I go to work in Essex in either Grays or Basildon, which as a choice is kind of like being asked if you would like a warm bucket of piss or liquid shit poured over your head. But as I love my job its probably going to be something I have to seriously look at.

But in the midst of all this depression and grimness, at least there is one beautiful and amazing thing that is coming up on the horizon that will whisk away all my blues like a breeze cooling your sweat on a warm summers day. I am of course talking about the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, or as every single fucking paper here in the UK insists on calling them, The Happy Couple.

Honestly, they are everywhere. On every front page, on magazines, on mugs, t-shirts, pizzas, happy meals and in my nightmarish feverish dreams. Its got so bad that I have now developed a Pavlovian response of yelling out “STOP SMILING AT ME!”every time I see their gormless, rich faces staring back at me from whatever thing is proclaiming their glorious union.

One good thing has come out of their upcoming nuptials though, and that's the fact that we get a day off for the wedding. Its their wedding present to the nation, and like most weddings, I am going to spend the day rowing with those close to me before falling into a drunken heap under a mound of sausage rolls and cucumber sandwiches.

I feels its what they would have wanted.

So anyway, that was me. Now over to you. Is everything OK? Is there anything that you want to talk about? You know I’m always here for you, don’t you? If you don’t want to talk about it now, we can always chat when I come round on Wednesday.

I like chicken by the way.

Just saying.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

As a matter of fact, I was thinking about you just today. And not even along the lines of, "Dan is so retarded, maybe he's forgotten how to log on". No, I was thinking you hadn't been around for a while. And of course, THERE YOU ARE.

Hope things go well with your job. And that you don't drink TOO much while watching the gripfest that is the Royal Nuptials. We all know you'll be there in front of the TV, clutching your Union Jack and sobbing with emotion. Don't even TRY and deny it.

hope said...

I feared the abscess last plaguing you had taken over. Hey, you can blame forgotten passwords on THAT! ;)

Update. I'm at same job (coming up on year 24 which would be depressing if I hadn't asked for vacation that very week). Not even a cost of living raise in sight and I'm now the Editor (and entire staff) of the company newsletter...the price you pay for being able to type in correct English sentences.

Still have Hubby. That's good. And dog Bou. Another plus as we had to put the older one to sleep prior to Christmas. That sucked.

As for the Happy Couple...God love ya but you can have them. Funniest thing I've seen is a commercial with look alikes dancing down the aisle. Perhaps you could watch that instead.

I'll fry chicken if you'll bring the sausage rolls. ;)

Oh all right. Yeah. I missed ya. There. Happy now? ;)

Christine Macdonald said...

Great to see you back. Charming, funny and handsome as ever. ;)

Eva Gallant said...

I kinda wondered what had happened to you, but not enough to email you. sorry. Glad you're back, though.

livesbythewoods said...

I thought you were dead.

Probably either eaten by a bear in a freak safari park accident, or washed down a river after saying "Of course it's narrow enough to cross here..."

Glad you're back. Forgetful fool that you are.

JenJen said...

Miss you twiddlebug!

Millions Of Atoms Man said...

I forgot my password too. Yeeeeaaahhh...

Is Royal Wedding slang for something else? I'm sure it is.

Welcome back.

CAM said...

Trust you to have a hilarious reason for not blogging for ages - have missed reading your humour.

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