Sunday, 7 November 2010

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse…..

I am a 32 year old man. aleksi_zombies_boxcover_600_600

And because of my gender and age range, I have amassed much knowledge over the 32 years that I have lived so far.

I have learnt how to put up shelving. I have learnt how to change the fuse on a plug. I have learnt never to trust a woman with a tattoo of a dolphin on her shoulder, but probably most importantly, I have learnt how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

It’s all to do with the plan, you see.

From a very early age, probably around about the late teens, every man at some point will have formulated a strategy on how to survive a zombie uprising. And this plan will have many revisions and changes over the years, which are all dependent on the lifestyle of the person creating it.

When you are a young buck, with no responsibilities to speak of whatsoever, your plan is to try and survive at all costs, no matter what. It’s just you, and you alone you look out for. When you get a girlfriend, your plan then changes to include you travelling across the rioting and corpse strewn cities to try and get to her, all the while looking all butch and manly, just in case she may want to sex you up a little when you get there. And finally when you get married and have children, the man will then update in his head the zombie survival plan that will account for his family’s safety and nothing else. He is expendable. Only they matter. For he is man.

Now you may think this is silly and just something I have written to amuse myself, but I can guarantee that every single man at one point in his life has thought over in his head what he will do the moment the dead start dragging themselves out of their graves.

Don’t believe me? Ladies, ask your man the next time you see him. Sit him down and ask him the question, “Have you ever planned what you would do in a zombie outbreak?” and watch his face carefully. Now some of your men may just lie outright and say, “No, don’t be stupid. Why are you asking me such a ridiculous thing?” But watch his eyes. He’s lying ladies. He has a plan. He most defiantly has.

Other men will just come straight out with it. “Yes I have. I have written it all down on a bit of paper in my man den. I’m actually going to pin it up on the fridge,” and will then go through in intricate detail all the aspects of this manly and wise plan and how you fit in to it.

I am quite lucky in many respects with Kates. She puts up with all of my stupid childish things on many occasions, but what she doesn’t screw around with is my zombie survival plan. She knows exactly what to do the moment the dead come to life. I have drilled it in to her.

We first started speaking about this many years ago when we first got together. We were watching the remake of Dawn of the Dead, when at the end she asked me the magical question that every male wants to hear.

“So what would you do in a zombie outbreak?”

After a two hour presentation that involved flip charts, marker pens, diagrams, and an almost unhealthy obsession with pie charts, she had a fairly good idea of what I would do. She also had a pretty good idea that it was probably best not to ask me that question again.

So what would I do?

Well, the first thing I would do, depending on location, would be to try and make my way to wherever Kates is.

This is for two reasons.

1) I love her and need to make sure that she is safe. Only my superior zombie survival skills will ensure this. I am her hero.

2) I can’t drive and she can.

Now, laws of average will dictate that the outbreak will occur while I am at work, which is going to pose a rather difficult situation as I work in London, and that will mean hordes of the undead chowing down on the hordes of the living and me smack bang right in the middle of them. Things could get a little messy.

Another problem is that the moment the slow dawning realisation the this is actual, no shitting around, zombies we are dealing with, takes place, all the men in London will suddenly snap into survival mode, mentally checking off their tick lists of things that they have to do, looking around for the nearest weapons and then making their way to their safe houses. As the ladies of London are in no way sensible enough to think of their own zombie survival plan, they will immediately latch on to the man with his tie wrapped round his head, the blade from the paper cutter gripped tightly in his hand and an almost calm, “I have always expected this to happen,” expression on his face.

This man will be me.

Now the first rule of thumb in a zombie outbreak is to go it alone. You hook up with anyone they will only slow you down or get eaten. Another major issue with this is trying to explain to Kates, when I eventually manage todixiemall_019 meet up with her, what the hell I am doing with around 15 hot London ladies, all with tastefully ripped clothing (like it always does in the movies), and all of them looking at me adoringly because I had managed to save them.

Believe me, I would rather face up to an army of the undead, all with an uncontrollable urge to use my testicles as hors d'oeuvre’s, than try and get that one past her. I know which one is scarier.

Sorry ladies of London. You’re on your own.

I have informed Kates that whenever the outbreak happens she is to stay exactly where she is and I will come get her. She knows all about destroying the brain, safe houses, blah blah blah. All she has to do is wait for me to turn up. “No matter what occurs, I will find you.” That kind of stuff.

When I eventually battle my way over vast cities, slaying everything in my path, maybe just wearing a vest that is artfully dirty, I will stand outside whatever building she is holed up in and shout out her name, so when she looks out the window, I can pull my hero pose, tired, embattled, but yet with a hint of raw animal sexuality. Maybe I will fall into her arms, her sobbing with joy that I have made it, me all half dead but showing how butch I am in actually making it to her. Who knows? I will play this one by ear. Nevertheless, it will look bitchin when I do it. She will definitely want to sex me up a little when I get there.

After about 20 minutes of, “I bloody told you this would happen one day,” we will then find a car and go collect her family. We will definitely pick up her mum and dad, I’m massively in two minds about collecting her younger brother, but I suppose I can always use him as bait if things get hairy.

Once all the family are together, we will drive to Southend to find a boat. Zombies are notoriously bad swimmers, so my aim is to sail to Lundy Island, which is just by the Bristol Channel. It is very tiny; you can walk around it in a day, but close enough to main land for raiding parties.

One slight drawback with the sailing is that I am afraid of the water due to the fact that I can’t swim. So that me out of sailing the boat. I will probably be below deck weeping. Kates may not want to sex me up anymore. Plus another drawback is that neither I, Kates, nor her family, know how to sail. But that’s not a problem; I have bought Kates dad sailing lessons for Christmas. He has never given any indication he wants to learn how to sail, but he bloody will. It’s not like you can turn down a Christmas present, is it?

I’m always thinking, me.

Once we hit the island, and I have recovered from my girlie, scared of the water, hissy fit, I will then get the chance to earn some proper man points by making sure the island is clear of zombies before everyone else comes on shore. Once this is all done, we will then set up a commune, of which I am the head of, and everyone calls me, “Grand Master Flash.”

And that is my zombie survival plan in its most basic form. Obviously there are many sub-versions, slight tinkering depending on different scenarios. Kates has been informed that is she gets turned, I will take her down in a heartbeat; there will be no weeping and wailing, just BANG! I have asked her to do the same courtesy for me. She has told me she might even do it even if I’m not bitten. I think she was joking.
If any of you are reading this and you haven’t got your own survival plan, please feel free to steal mine.

Though please don’t go to the same island as me, because I don’t think there will be enough room for us all and it will just end up in all out tribal warfare.

And I haven’t got a plan for that.


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I actually have a Zombi Survival Kit with me at all times (I'm not gonna say where I keep it). I'm glad I'm not alone in this. *sigh*

Eva Gallant said...

Oh, my. I don't think my man has a plan. I'm in trouble.

hope said...

Does this plan work on politicians? :)

Madame DeFarge said...

I have a plan. M. DeFarge has a plan. Mine involves buying many tins of baked beans. And not forgetting the double tap.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Great post! And very timely as I watch Sean of the Dead on the weekend. If Zombies do take over the world I hope they are as slow and ineffectual as in Sean and nothing at all like the ones in I am Legend.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Well actually Zombie Dan, I too have a plan for zombie uprisings, it's not just you guys who can plan ahead and accumulate you know. Oh yes. My plan is too long to divulge here but is very "Shawn of the Dead" in that it incorporates pubs, music, mad driving sharp objects and Cornettos and very "The Walking Dead" in that it incorporates much bloodlust and gunshot wounds to the head.

Also I plan on having a concrete-enclosed basement filled with cans of Campbell's soup and crackers that will last me years. And weapons to defend it. So don't even THINK about it, ok? :)

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

You have given me a lot to think about...I must start preparing for zombies. I never realized how unprepared I am until today. Thank you!

Tony Spunk said...

Man, you are so fuckin' spot on as always. Dudes always have a zombie plan. I've had one since about 1975 personally. I'm an old bastard now, clearly. But I still have my zombie escape route mapped out and posted in the hallway of my place. Just in case. And since I work in Vegas, I see zombies every fuckin' night in the casinos, believe me. It's gonna be hard to spot the actual zombie uprising when it occurs.

Hi to your fine hot lady.

Judearoo said...

Dan! Huge apologies for not popping over in AGES. Lovin your zombi post. Hope life is treatin you well, sir. x

Doctor FTSE said...

Dan . . all out zombie tribal warfare is FUN! (And I take this opportunity of adding my apology to Judearoo, above)

Dan said...

Alpha- What’s in it? Please, this stuff fascinates me!

Eva- Have you asked him? Seriously, he does have a plan, he really does!

Hope- No, just zombies I'm afraid. Though it may be adaptable?

Madame- Food stocks are always a good idea. But weapons? Safe houses? You need to expand.

Long Dar Hair- Yeah, them fast feckers are a nightmare. I run like a girl.

Veggie Ninja- I'm sorry, though out of al the ladies I know, I had an inkling it would be YOU with the ZOMBIE PLAN. Top stuff!

Bird Shit- Contact me for any tips or hints. I am here for you all......

Spunky Man- I'd still like to bet that you will try and sex up some zombie ladies. Can't switch it off, right?

Judearoo- Heeeey matey1 How you been? Long time no hear!

Doc- No sweat my good Doc. I have been lax as well. Zombies are fun though, you are right.

Eva said...

Oh man, I love zombies. Well I mean not actual zombies but you know what I mean.